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Brian O'Conner

Fast and Furious - brian-oconner-and-mia-toretto IconBrian O'Conner is the lead protagonist of the series. He appears in all of the films in the series except for Tokyo Drift. During the events of the first film, Brian O'Conner is working as an undercover detective with the LAPD, who assigns him the task of solving a series of semi-trailer truck hijackings. While investigating the street race scene, he meets Dominic Toretto and infiltrates his crew while getting involved in a relationship with Dominic's sister, Mia Toretto. He allows Dom to escape arrest at the end of the first film and leaves Los Angeles after to avoid his own arrest. In the second film, he is shown living in Miami as a street racer, and after winning a race, Brian is caught by U.S. Customs agents and offered a deal to take part in a joint Customs/FBI operation in exchange for his criminal record being wiped clean. He teams up with childhood friend Roman Pearce, and the two go undercover as street racers, eventually apprehending the ruthless drug lord, Carter Verone.

In the fourth film, after having his crimes pardoned, Brian becomes an FBI agent and is given the task of bringing down Arturo Braga, a known drug trafficker. Brian, as well as Dominic, both infiltrate Braga's crew. While Braga is eventually apprehended, Dominic is arrested and sentenced to prison as well, resulting in Brian, Mia, and members of Dominic's crew intercepting the prison bus to free Dominic from custody. In Fast Five, Brian and Dominic get caught in a crossfire with corrupt businessman and ruthless drug lord Hernan Reyes in Rio de Janeiro and plot to steal all of Reyes' money to buy their freedom. It is revealed in Fast Five that Brian's father wasn't there for him and Brian doesn't know anything about him, and that Brian had been in juvenile detention with Roman. Brian has also rekindled his relationship with Mia, and they are expecting a child. Brian O'Conner is portrayed by Paul Walker.

Dominic 'Dom' Toretto

Dominic Toretto is the antihero of the series. He appears in all of the films in the series except for 2 Fast 2 Furious. An elite street racer, auto mechanic and ex-convict, Dominic is the brother of Mia Toretto and former love interest and ex-boyfriend of Leticia Ortiz. Dominic's crew has perpetrated many high-speed truck hijackings, stealing millions of dollars in merchandise. When he is finally apprehended by Brian, Brian lets him go free. He has spent most of his life running from the law. In Fast and Furious, Dominic and Brian reunite in the wake of Leticia's death to stop drug lord Arturo Braga. In Fast Five, Dominic and Brian make a plot to steal all of Hernan Reyes' money in an attempt to buy their freedom. Dominic Toretto is portrayed by Vin Diesel.

Mia Toretto

Fast and Furious - brian-oconner-and-mia-toretto IconMia Toretto is Dominic's sister and Brian's love interest. Mia is a character outside of Dominic's schemes, but not totally excluded as she knew of all their plots. Dominic's friends (especially Vince) and Muse, an agent conducting surveillance on the Toretto's camp, are both shown to be attracted to her (with Muse even admitting that he would get off on Mia's surveillance photos). Mia is also shown to be a proficient driver as she also grew up with Dominic under their race car driver father. In her second film appearance, Mia has a lesser role being a person mostly under surveillance by the FBI. She is seen at Leticia's funeral and is mostly seen afterwards either persuading Dominic not to get in danger or talking to FBI Agent Brian O'Conner about their past together. When Dominic gets injured, Brian calls her to help him. It is implied in the film that they eventually renew their relationship. In Fast Five, she is happily with Brian and revealed to be pregnant with his baby. Throughout the film, she assists Dominic's crew in the heist by driving and staying back at base with surveillance. Mia Toretto is portrayed by Jordana Brewster.

Leticia 'Letty' Ortiz

Leticia Ortiz is Dominic's love interest. She is also a highly skilled street racer and mechanic. In The Fast and the Furious, Leticia expresses some concern about Dominic's carjacking scheme, but goes along to back him up despite her concerns. In the end, during a botched highway robbery, she rolls her car and is injured, but survives. During the events of Fast & Furious, she is on Dominic's crew in his heists of fuel tankers in the Dominican Republic, but when the local law enforcement starts closing in, he leaves her behind to protect her from harm. Several weeks later, Mia calls Dominic to tell him Leticia has been apparently murdered by Fenix. It is later revealed that after she couldn't find him, Leticia contacted FBI agent Brian O'Conner and became a double agent for Braga's crime ring in order to allow Dominic to return home. In the post-credit scene of the Fast Five, Luke Hobbs receives a file regarding a robbery, in which Leticia's photograph is attached, revealing that she is still alive and involved with the robbery of a military convoy in Berlin. Leticia Ortiz is portrayed by Michelle Rodriguez.

Roman Pearce

Still of Tyrese Gibson in 2 Fast 2 FuriousRoman Pearce is the deuteragonist of the film 2 Fast 2 Furious. He is a childhood friend of Brian O'Conner. Originating from Barstow, California, Roman grew up alongside O'Conner. In Fast Five, Brian says that he and Roman had met in juvenile detention. Two months after Brian finished Police Academy, Roman was arrested when he was found in a garage with eight stolen cars and sent to prison for three years, and after release, was prohibited to go more than a hundred yards from his home. Although O'Conner had no prior information for Roman's arrest, Roman overall blamed O'Conner for the simple fact that he was a cop. Roman and O'Conner later mended their ways when Roman agreed to participate in a sting operation on Miami drug lord Carter Verone and later talked about opening their own high performance garage using pocketed amounts of Verone's drug money. However, when O'Conner became an FBI agent, Roman started spending time and money gambling in Las Vegas, according to his Fast Five profile. Roman appears again in Fast Five as part of Dominic and Brian's team as a "fast-talker" (i.e. someone who can lie their way through anything) in their attempt to steal a vault from a corrupt Brazilian businessman. He is reluctant at first, thinking the mission is personal and not being good business until Dominic utters the vault is full one hundred million dollars in cash which is enough to change his mind. With his cut of the money he buys a Koenigsegg sports car. He is portrayed by Tyrese Gibson.

Sean Boswell

Sean Boswell is the protagonist of the film The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift. He is a 17-year-old loner in school during the events of the film. After having three strikes of street racing in the United States, Sean's mother sent him to Tokyo, Japan, to live with his father and avoiding jail time. In Japan he was introduced to the drift racing scene, and made good friends with Han, a former member of Dominic Toretto's crew, who was his supporter throughout the film. He eventually met Dominic at the end, and raced him through a parking garage. Since Tokyo Drift, he hasn't been connected in the series. Sean Boswell is portrayed by Lucas Black  


Han Seoul-Oh is a former aloof gang member, street racer and later a business partner to Takashi. In the events of Tokyo Drift, he teaches Sean how to drift and kills Takashi. He is a supporting character to both Dominic Toretto in Fast & Furious and Fast Five and to Sean Boswell in The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift. Han appears in Fast & Furious as a member of Dominic's team stealing fuel tankers in the beginning, and later in Fast Five as a member of Dominic and Brian's heist team, brought on as a precision driver and a "chameleon". While planning the heist, he falls for fellow team member Gisele Yashar, who attributes Han's constant need to occupy his hands to him being a former smoker (referring to his habits in the film Better Luck Tomorrow, which, likeTokyo DriftFast & Furious, and Fast Five, was also directed by Justin Lin). After the heist, the two start a relationship and travel through Europe, planning to eventually reach Tokyo. Han's name is a reference to Han Solo from Star Wars. Han Seoul-Oh is portrayed by Sung Kang.

Luke Hobbs

Luke Hobbs is an elite DSS federal agent who is assigned to track down Dominic and Brian in Fast Five, following the deaths of three DEA agents. He, along with his team, spends most of his screentime searching for Dominic and Brian, before eventually finding them. While arresting the crew and bringing them into custody, Hobbs and his team of agents get ambushed. After witnessing the deaths of his four friends and agents in the ambush, Hobbs sides with Dominic and Brian by helping them steal Hernan Reyes' vault full of cash to get his revenge, but ultimately cannot let the pair walk free. He gives them a 24 hour head start to escape before hunting them again. In a post-credit scene, in Washington, DC, Hobbs is handed a file by Monica Fuentes from 2 Fast 2 Furious with a photo of Letty Ortiz attached to it for involved a military convoy robbery in Berlin, revealing Letty is still alive. Luke Hobbs is portrayed by Dwayne Johnson.

Gisele Yashar

Gisele Yashar is the liaison for Braga who develops feelings for Dominic, who does not reciprocate. She warns him of potential danger that awaits him after delivering Braga's heroin across the border. Dominic saves her life in the chaos surrounding the heroin exchange meant as a trap for Braga. She returns the favor by giving the location of Braga's hideout in Mexico. Gisele re-appears alongside Dominic's crew assisting him and Brian in their heist as their weapons expert, where it is revealed that she used to be an agent for the Mossad. She and Han eventually start a relationship and take off to Europe together after the heist in Rio de Janeiro. Gisele Yashar is played by Gal Gadot. *SPOILER: She dies in Fast 6!

Tej Parker

Tej Parker is an old friend of Brian's who allows him to participate in races hosted by him near his garage in Miami. Tej does not race anymore, preferring to referee and make money off selling parts out of his garage and also due to what he claims to have stopped him from racing, an injured leg. He has an off-on relationship with Suki. When Brian needs a place to stay, he allows Brian and Pearce to stay in his garage rooms for a while. Later, when Brian needs to orchestrate a "scramble" to escape detection by the FBI, Tej shows him another large car garage owned by him, which they use for the scramble. Tej and Suki drive Brian and Roman's Mitsubishis out to be intercepted by the FBI, allowing them to continue their mission which shows that he still can drive as well. Tej also appeared in Fast Five as part of Dominic and Brian's crew, brought on as their technician expert. Tej Parker is portrayed by Ludacris.

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